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REY is a non-binary Filipino comedian who survived Super Typhoon Haiyan. However, the disaster destroyed the TV studio where they hosted their local talk show. ASOG follows Rey on a road trip to a drag pageant where they hope to find fame. Along the way, they encounter Filipinos enduring the impacts of climate change, including residents of Sicogon Island whose land was stolen in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. When Rey discovers the pageant is being hosted at a resort built on the stolen land, they must decide whether to perform at the event or stand with the dispossessed villagers.


ASOG is a feature-length docufiction hybrid starring real Filipino climate disaster survivors. The film employs the familiar genre of the road trip comedy to illuminate the human impact of the climate crisis on the people of this region of the Philippines.


The film follows the story of a 40-year-old non-binary schoolteacher named Rey. During the day Rey teaches high school students, by night they perform at bars as a proudly gay comedian named JAYA. When Rey embarks on a road trip to compete in a drag pageant, they encounter one of their students, ARNEL. The struggling teenager is mourning the death of his Mother and traveling in search of his estranged Father. 


As they travel together they meet a series of fellow climate disaster survivors. 


When they arrive at their destination Rey learns that the pageant is being held at a resort with a dark history. The hotel was built on land stolen from impoverished seaside villagers. 7 years ago Super Typhoon Haiyan forced the entire community to evacuate and in the midst of this emergency, private developers seized their land and demolished their homes. 


100% of the people on camera in ASOG are real impoverished Filipino climate survivors representing their own experiences. 

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